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The Oracle@WiFi

The Oracle @ Wifi book

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Loosely modeled on fortune telling, artist Beth Lilly created a performance project she titled “The Oracle @ Wifi”. Using her cell phone camera, Lilly created photographs on the spot for callers that purportedly had the power to answer their questions. Surprising and thought-provoking, the juxtaposition of text and images suggest answers that are clever, amusing and sometimes profound. This book features the most compelling results of her six-year experiment.

“The ingenuity of The Oracle @ Wifi resides in this turn of authorial power. The project comments on the dynamics of communication in the age of constant contact.” - J Piper Marshall, Art Papers, Jan/Feb 2007

"Dear Ms. Lilly, We are currently producing a series of short-form TV programs for Comcast's video-on-demand platform Paranormal TV. Our show is called Real Psychics...We feel you would be perfect for Paranormal TV!" - Nelly Shifman, Producer, Center City Film and Video, Email, 10.2008

Hardback, 110 pages, 7.75 x 11 in